Child Development

Child Development is part of the science of developmental psychology, which focuses on how humans grow, change, develop and learn over their whole lifetime. Child Development covers the ages from pre-birth to adolescence, but at Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill; we focus on the early years which is birth to school age.

How babies and young children grown in size, knowledge and competence is part of child development. Development is not only growth however, development is also about the changes that take place in the body and the brain and in the thought processes or behaviour of the individual child. As babies and young children grow and develop, they learn. Growing, developing and learning cannot be separated, so it is important to include all three when discussing children’s development, if we only discuss ‘learning’, other important aspects of a child’s growth or developmental change can be missed.

Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill focuses on each individual child’s development based on their interests, abilities and needs. We offer places for eligible 2-year funding, all 3 and 4-year-old funding; this is in line with government funding to support individual children’s development.

Our highly qualified team at Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill are aware of different theorists that link to child development. A theory is a set of ideas that have been tested to explain how and why something happens. This does not mean that one theory is the truth about development. There are many different theories and ideas which sometimes agree and sometimes don’t agree with each other; they take on what’s known as different perspectives; Biological, Environmental and Interactionist.

The team at Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill is able to track and discover the child’s individual development through observations. Observations mean watching and listening to the children closely, in a focused way, recording the information and then using it to make an analysis. This is our teams key tool for understanding an individual child’s growth, development and learning. Our team at Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill regularly updates their methods and training to develop their skills of observations. This is to ensure, they carry out careful observations in order to know the child’s individuality, understand the child’s development, explain the child’s individual styles of play and learning, think about how to support the child’s needs, gather information for sharing with parents’ and show how you value their parents’ observations of their own children. At Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill; we use an online system called Tapestry. This is linked directly to the parents’ which allows them to see how their child is developing throughout the day at nursery.

Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill team offers regular meetings with the child’s key person in order to share information regarding the child’s development with their parents. This helps nursery practitioners to see the child from a different perspective, as the parents may have seen something that you have missed or have an understanding of their behaviour or learning differently from themselves.

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