Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity is becoming a higher fact within all aspects of childcare. Bristol university looked into Childhood Obesity with results of shocking statistics. They have recently been funded by the National Institute of Health and Research (NIHR) to undertake the study, which aims to increase physical activity and healthy eating among children aged between two and four years old. In the UK, they will involve both parents and carers; to encourage a healthy start for all children in the community.

Today’s statistics are even more shocking; one-fifth of children are overweight or obsess when they begin in Reception Class, and this figure increases to one-third by the time they leave primary school. It is said to be the most deprived children are to be twice as likely as the least deprived to be obese at Reception.

Children’s BMI is now being measured routinely through the National Child Measurement Programme, but few effective interventions are in place to help those identified as overweight or obese. The Health Select Committee view is, the lifetime physical and emotional consequences for obese children can no longer be ignored, including then increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. It is also associated with poor mental health in adults, and stigma and bullying in childhood. It is important for parents as well as children to understand healthy eating. One recommendation made was for clear standards for healthy school meals to apply to all schools, and for clear information for parents and schools about what to include in a heathy packed lunch.

Within Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill; it is important for the children to receive healthy snacks and meals throughout their time with the nursery. Tiny Toes offers a range of snacks from fruit, vegetables and a small savoury option. They also offer milk with snack and fresh drinking water throughout the day. Here at Tiny Toes Day Nursery, they use Hungry Monsters for traditional home cooked lunches, that are portioned and balanced. Also, offering healthy alternatives to children with allergies or preferences. Teas are balanced and prepared freshly onsite by trained staff, from finger rolls to beans on toast. All are designed in order to keep the children healthy and reduce the rate of childhood obesity in Southampton. Here at Tiny Toes Day Nursery, Lordshill we also give the children free flow between the garden and inside to encourage the children to be as active as possible throughout their time at the nursery in Southampton. For babies and toddlers, we have set times for garden play with other opportunities throughout the day to get out and about around the local community.

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