Rising 3’s (2 ½ yrs to 3+ years)

Our Rising 3’s room is light, airy and inspiring with large windows and doors encouraging the children to use the outdoor space to learn and play.  Free flow is encouraged into the garden, extending children’s learning and their enjoyment of nature.

Our team use natural resources and a variety of creative media, including water, sand, mud and other mediums.  We use age appropriate activities to challenge the children’s learning and support individual children in the next stage of their development.  We use circle time to introduce structure into the day, using number games, songs and stories focusing on the use of phonics and early reading techniques.

Meal times are an important social occasion for the children at this age as they begin to learn to lay the tables, serve their own food and use a knife and fork.

A typical day – Rising 3’s

We believe childcare for Rising 3’s should be full of learning and interaction, keeping them inspired throughout the day. Here’s what a typical day looks like at our nursery for our Rising 3’s children.

Our daily routine

Morning  Afternoon 
7.00 Welcome, settling in and breakfast1.00 Free play, afternoon and adult led activities
9.00Free play and morning activities2.00 Tidy up time
9:30Tidy up and circle time2.30Hand washing and afternoon snack
10:00Key group activities2:40Key group time
10:30Hand washing and snack time3:00Free flow play
11:00Outside play and free flow4:15Afternoon circle time, hand washing and tea
12:00Hand washing and lunch time4:50Free flow play
6:30Nursery closes


At our nursery for Rising 3’s, a healthy approach to food and exercise is very important to us. Whilst in our care you can be reassured that your child is getting a balanced diet throughout the day, as well as learning about it too.

To this end we have our own in-house chef and assistant working in our on site kitchens who make all of our lunches and teas fresh daily.  Every meal is home cooked from scratch, enabling us to be confident that we provide the least number of additives possible.  This also allows us to cater confidently for allergies.  Here is a sample daily menu below.


Full Day - Under 2 years7am - 6.30pm£62.50
Full Day - 2 years7am - 6.30pm£59.50
Full Day - 3 & 4 years 7am - 6.30pm£57.50
School Day - Under 2 years8am - 4.30pm£52.50
School Day - 2 years8am - 4.30pm£49.50
School Day - 3 & 4 years8am - 4.30pm£47.50
Morning - Under 2 years7am - 12.30pm£32
Morning - 2 years7am - 12.30pm£31
Morning - 3 & 4 years7am - 12.30pm£30
Afternoon - Under 21.30pm - 6.30pm£32
Afternoon - 2 years1.30pm - 6.30pm£31
Afternoon - 3 & 4 years1.30pm - 6.30pm£30
Lunch - 3 & 4 yearsFunded sessions only£3
ConsumablesFunded hours only£1 per funded hour

All of the sessions above include nappies (if required), wipes and snacks. Full Day and School Day sessions also include a free hot lunch and Full Day sessions include a ‘high tea’. Morning and Afternoon Only sessions do not include lunch, but a hot lunch can be available between 12.30 pm  and 1.30 pm for an extra charge of £5.50 to include lunch and childcare.

If you’d like to learn more about our childcare for Rising 3’s, please feel free to contact us.